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By: bhavesh | June 11, 2017

Alphonso mango

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Mango types 

       There are more than 100 varieties of mango available in India, in which most have a difference just a little that can just be like a small twist which make it smell differently, taste different and even look different just as they can be identified according to their locality. 

Types of mango 

         Mango mainly is used as a fruit that can be eaten as a juicy pleasure but other than this there are mango used to make pickle, salads, lassi, milkshake, etc. 

Sweet mango 

       Mangoes one which are ripped and meant to eat as a fruit are normally sweet mango other than which they are also used to make milkshake. 


     In India sweetness, richness and flavor is all in discription while discribing Alphonso. devgad,Ratnagiri, Raigad, are places in maharastra where Alphonso Mango are cultivated and belonging to which are expensive kinds of mangos in India. 


       Badami mangoes are similar to Alphonso Mango in terms of texture and taste but guess what they are sugar bomb , the more sugar you like the more badami will be your favourite.


      Chaunsa is the sweetest mangoes It is medium oblong and has a golden yellow colour with a red blush. 


       Gir Kesar is pet name for kesar mango, kesar is called kesar because of its colour , kesar in gujarati is saffron in english and that's the colour and fragrance of kesar mango , it is non fibrous and so best for making milkshake ,deserts,etc. 


      Langra is the top variety of mangos ,why , it is low budget and more sweeter than many of the alphonso selling in the market ,their rounder shape and greener colour add to thier distinct defination. 


      Neelam mango are lender of last resort for people of india, because the best stock  are usually available when mango season comes to an end becoming favourite for the people who are die hard fans of mangos and want to enjoy mango till the end.


     They are egg shape but pure vegetarian, raspuri mango are seen as Queen of mangoes because of its shape,flavour and texture which is juicy. 

Green mango 

       When it comes to mangoes it is often said a mango is not ready to eat until it is fullt ripe in other words fully yellow in colour which is true in case of alphonso mango but not every mango is alphonso so mangoes which are green but are fully ripe , ready to eat..................


       Dasheri mango tastes like haeven. it is big boss of mangoes not because its price or availability but because of its size which is slightly longer than other mangoes and is often mistaken for its colour which is allways green outside even if it is fully ripe.


         Elliptical shape mango is green in colour just as parrot , it is not for mango lovers as it is not sweet enough as Daseri or langda so it can be used for salads and receipes which need mango only as a ingrediants but not for its pure sweetness.

Alphonso mango ripe 

     Checking whether a mango is real alphonso ,chemically prepared or some other variety , needs you to follow some steps...........

1. Characteristics

         If a mango is not from rich variety like ratnagiri or devgad than it will give you weak smell. want aroma from mango you will get it only from real alphonso mangoes.

2. Test

          WHAT you get when mangoes are chemically riped ? nothing nor aroma nor weak smell. to check it you need to press mango holding very near to your nose. 

3. Wrinkles

           Their life is just as yours they also get wrinkles when they get old i.e. when over riped and you are guessing right mango won't be enjoyable after getting wrinkles so don't get it wrong that more they ripe the more they get tasty. when you are experiencing the most thinest skin with sense of easy peeling complimented with pulp treasure you are towards the right way to alphonso mangoes.

4. Feel

        Naturally ripened mango feel soft to naked eyes and even to hands. 
         Original Alphonso mangoes are fiber less, thin skin and have easy peeling capability. 

5. Emptyness

          Chemically ripened mango are sometimes hollow to check try knocking it.

6. Stopper 

           Naturally ripened mangoes have a slight near the stem which can carry a drop of water. 

7. Symptoms

         Calcium carbide when used to ripen mangoes artificially it usually have less pulp, the skin of the mango is thick and looks like the yellow colour on mango is fake. 

How to eat a mango 

       Mango a fruit which on it's own has the best desert capabilities is a Badshah of fruits and can be eaten as it is, just peeling the skin of ripen mango can make your work done ,if thats not your style you can also cut slice it and enjoy it same as we do with other fruits.

 Mango mango 

    Mango mango is not just a fruit but excitement coming from kid to adult seeing a mango after 9 months , the sweet taste a long wait is a tag line which can define a mango. 

Alphanso mango mumbai 

           March to June best period to cheer the sweet taste of Alphonso mango in Mumbai, why summer holiday and thirst arraising from hot sun, the price of Alphonso mango in Mumbai comes down as soon the stock of ratnagiri hapus aam continue to get supplied in the holidays. 

When is a mango ready to eat 

       Mango is ready to eat when it is fully ripe mango is considered a full ripe mango when it get softer then before and you get fruity aroma on top of it 

Mango juice

          Pure juice needs pure fruit yeah there are dozens of mango juices available in the market but none will give you pure taste of mango ,so do it your way just 1 2 3 ........... 

Mango juice receipe 

      Just peel off skin of fresh ripe mangoes , consider alphonso or langda mango , cut slice it and grind in a blender that's it your pure mango juice is ready. mango is a seasonal product , its there around three months during summer in india all through you will enjoy mango as it is or as a pure fruit juice , you may like like to twist it a little and see how it get converted in a new receipe , new day new receipe let see ........... 

Mango and milkshake 

       Summer is a hot season we are more tirsty than hungry , the popular drinks all ways are banana shake and rose sarbat but summer is all about mangos so its time for mango milkshake .

Mango milkshake 

       Receipe the receipe of mango milkshake is not a rocket science it is as simple as making 2 minute maggi all you need to do is to peel the skin off of fresh ripe mangos cut into peices and grind it with milk and sugar in a blender .

Need a low calorie shake , consider using slim milk available in tetra packs. 

Suggested slim milk 
1. Denone slim milk 
2. Nestle slim milk 

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Send mangos to india

           Gifting mangoes in India is a pleasure for some and for many it is a disaster as mangoes are perishable fruit eating it ripped is a fantasy but overripped or when the quality is not right it is just a waste. gifting mangoes requires mangoes to rip at right time and at the right place. 

 Alphonso mango online 

      just google it and you will get hundreds of results for buying alphonso mango online ,everyone claiming to be the seller of original ratnagiri and devgad alphonso aam .

Alphonso mango online shopping

       shopkeepers have just started to make revolution by letting people shop with their thumb instead of mind and energy search , shop , choose , return are the terms which come to our mind while we shop online ,same should apply to alphonso mango online shopping but not the case ,why because alphonso mango is perishable item which once fully riped is ready to eat and should be comsumed as soon ad possible making it impossible to play online shopping cycle of search , buy ,choose , return . 

Hapus mango

      The name hapus is just a reference of alphonso mangoes used for selling alphonso mangoes by sellers , the reason behind not just pronouncing it as ratnagiri hapus mango is because of marketing techniques used by sellers because if they say only hapus mango or hapus aam they can fool you for any low quality alphonso grown in locality which is not known for its quality of mangoes. 

Alphonso mango price 

      Price of alphonso mango depends on many expect ........ 

1. Where do you leave the location is the most important thing as if you stay in porsue area the price will be high than in area where economical people stay. 

2. What's your budget your cash burning capacity is a main component of price while buying hapus mango. 

4. How is your bargaining power yes the more you can talk and convience the more cheaper you can get alphonso mango in mumbai .

6. Do you really know mangoes in details there are local halkers who sell artifical ripe ratnagiri hapus aam . 

8. Can you make out the difference between different mangoes when you research in the market without knowing mangoes in detail chances are you may be fooled for buying low quality alphonso instead of ratnagiri hapus mango .

 6. Are you a brand savy person if your are a person who gets in a store or supermarket where you normally buy branded products not willing to try new product you may not get the quality of alphonso mangoes you are looking . 

7. Your limits for trusting people goodwill of a seller comes in making a decision while buying alphonso mango in mumbai .

 Ratnagiri hapus mango

           Tea in the city and chay in village, different names with same value at different places .

 Ratnagiri mango 

        ALPHONSO MANGO may sound like its nothing like anything but wait it isn't all about it , it also has variety not in terms of difference but in terms of quality , its all about the location that makes ratnagiri mangoes different because it grows there.


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